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Becoming a Pumas Coach


Puma's netball club consists mainly of junior teams ranging in ages from six to fourteen. Our club prides itself on the development of young coaches, therefore it comes as no surprise to see our coaching staff heavily weighted with young enthusiastic people. Our coaches are supported via a mentorship program which aims to provide support and assistance in coaching and attainment of accreditation. If you are interested in becoming a coach please contact our Coaches Convenor, Nyree Hanratty 0475 947 740.



There are many levels you can attain as a netball coach with each giving greater insight coaching skill. Attaining these levels requires attendance at various coaching courses plus maintenance of your general coaching skills and log book. The following diagram demonstrates the ladder of coaching levels with netball NSW begining with the foundation level through to the elite / high level coach. The foundtion level is the begining level. This is a five hour course which includes prior completion of a compusory on line component. The course introduces you to the role of the coach, planning and developing training sessions as well as and athletes development as a player. The development level is a seven hour course with prerequisite that includes completion of the foundation level, attainment of a 70% umpires theory pass plus a minimin of one year coaching experience. Completion of the course gives greater insight into coaching principles and permits coaching at a representative level within your association. Intermediate coaching level is for those coaches that wish to pursue a career in coaching at a state level or higher. The course is completed in two stages. Stage one is three days of theory work with 13 modules that must be completed within a certain time frame. Modules are marked so passing in not always guaranteed. Stage two is a practical component where the coach is observed coaching a team and explaining their session to a panel of experienced coaches. Further information can be obtained via the netball NSW website.



Coaching pathways begin through your club and or school expanding into your association and then progressing through the ranks as listed via the netball NSW web site. Coaching clinics are available all year round. For more information visit the Netball NSW website located at look under coaching

Below is a simple graph that demonstrates the coaching pathways available.














Downloaded with thanks from the NetballNSW Website


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