Umpiring Requirements

Umpire Co-ordinator: Vuta Taganesia 0432 648 565

If you are 12 or over and interested in umpiring please contact Vuta.

The Pumas Committee requires our umpires to abide by the BCNA's Code of Conduct at all times. 


Pumas are paying you to perform a job and we expect that you will perform this job to the best of your ability at all times. At all times umpires are to show respect for the players and remain neutral. 


To help distinguish umpires from players and to show that we are neutral the following dress codes should be followed:

Div 1 + 2: Umpiring whites (white skirt, white shirt)

All other divisions: Umpiring whites preferred OR playing uniform with white shirt over the top OR club tracksuit with white shirt (club jacket may be worn). 

Not allowed: Uggies, thongs, tights, tracksuits rolled up, shorts, playing uniform without white shirt over the top. 


If you are seen not abiding by the umpiring dress code, you will be spoken to. If it continues, you will be removed from the Pumas umpire register.