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Elevate Your Brand with Picnic Point Pumas Netball Club
Be the Spark Behind Success!
Your incredible generosity is the lifeblood of our mission. We're not just a sports organisation; we're a community-driven force, and it's thanks to sponsors like you that we can keep nurturing the dreams of our local netball talents.
As a fervently devoted not-for-profit, our existence hinges on the open-hearted support of local champions like yourself. We're talking about the unsung heroes who believe in the power of dreams and the potential of our young athletes.
By sponsoring our club, you're doing more than just donating; you're investing in the future. Your contributions breathe life into our club, fueling a cycle of positive change that benefits everyone involved.
Here's a glimpse of how your sponsorship can create ripples of impact:
  1. Affordable Access: Your support keeps registration fees within reach for local families, ensuring that financial constraints don't limit a child's dreams.
  2. Equipping Excellence: We put your funds to work by providing top-notch equipment – from bibs to equipment bags, balls, and first aid supplies – guaranteeing our players have the tools they need to shine.
  3. Bright Lights, Bright Futures: With your help, we can keep our courts lit during grading days and training sessions, making sure every aspiring athlete has a chance to train at their best.
  4. Knowledge is Power: Sponsorship helps us offer coaching and umpire courses, empowering our volunteers with the skills and accreditations they need to nurture our athletes.
  5. Fair Play: Your generosity also covers umpire fees, promoting fair and safe competition on the field.
  6. Safe Haven: We invest in storage facilities to protect our gear and keep our club running smoothly.
  7. Celebrate Achievements: At the end of the season, your contributions ensure we can host memorable presentations, provide player gifts, and award well-deserved trophies to our rising stars.
So, when you sponsor our opportunity, you're not just opening doors; you're helping us build a brighter tomorrow for our local community. Join us in this incredible journey and be the beacon of hope for aspiring netballers. Together, we can make dreams a reality!
Sponsorship Packages​

Our sponsorship packages are designed with your business in mind, offering a range of options to fit your budget and goals. Starting at just $250, these packages can be customised to align perfectly with your brand's objectives. Whether you're looking to boost your community engagement, enhance your brand visibility, or support a cause you're passionate about, our sponsorship packages provide the flexibility and affordability you need to make a meaningful impact. Join us today and unlock the potential of partnership!

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